A biodegradable, photolabile, highly extensible special film, ideal for bench grafting of fruit plants.


Graft-Film is a transparent, photosensitive special film created from the blending of polymers, that is ideal for binding bench grafts of fruit plants, along with our specific paraffin. The band resists till a temperature of 170°.

Graft-Film requires no binding, in fact – though being non-adhesive – overlapping in a stretched way – it perfectly self-adheres, so its usage is very fast. It is extremely elastic since it can extend up to 4 times and it is both economic and effective. Moreover, due to its photosensitivity, no cut operation is needed, because, after some time, it disconnects on its own and it is biodegradable.

Practical experiences with Graft-Film were tested on a huge variety of apple trees and other fruiting varieties, on a wide-scale of expert nurserymen, delivering excellent results.

Graft-Film is a temporary protection allowing the graft rooting and the growth of the plant, without leaving any trace of binding.


ASPECT-COLOUR                               AVERAGE CONSUMPTION

Spool, transparent                            Uncut: 600-700 scions

Length 50 mt and                             Pre-cut 9 cm: 550 scions

Height 32 mm                                  Pre-cut 7 cm: 710 scions


Graft-Film naturally biodegrade with direct exposure to sunlight, eliminating labor costs necessary to cut the tapes after the implantation. So, it represents an “ecofriendly” solution, to respect the environment.


The extremely elastic nature of the material allows the use of little parts of tape and guarantees an exceptionally firm grip on the bud or the graft. Due to its elasticity, the tape extends as the plant grows, avoiding constrictions and labor costs for removing it.


Despite not having any chemical glues, Graft-Film becomes self-adhesive when stretched. This allows a fast application without binding and a firm grip, also in case of wind.


The tape has a modest content of wax for keeping it waterproof, so that the bud or the graft don’t get dehydrated. However, it is recommended to use the tape in combination with our special wax, to guarantee the preservation of the hydration of the scion.

Complete coverage of the bud

Graft-Film gets punched by the gem when it starts to grow and, since its waterproof material allows the breathing of the plant, the gem can be completely covered. This gives protection from infections and insects.


Graft-Film needs to be well-stretched and partially overlapping when binding the graft, considering that the excessive tension reduces the holding time. The Graft-Film producer, only manufacturer of this special film, despite its great experience and the technical knowledge in the branch, recommends carrying out some preliminary tests, before using the tape on a larger-scale, since its duration is extremely connected to the climatic conditions. Warning: the product must be used within 6 months from the date of production. After this deadline, the product loses elasticity and becomes less adhesive.

  1. To realize precise and sharp cuts, use Innexta, a pneumatic grafting machine, respecting the polarity of the buds.

2. Guarantee the exact overlapping of the generating areas of the rootstock and the scion and connect the tissues of plants with the Graft-Film tape, highly extensible and adhesive.


3.Waxing the plant to graft with specific Agrichem by Barozzi waxes to obtain perfect results in the nursery, proved by years of field experience. 


Store the product away from direct sunlight exposure, in a temperature range from +10 and +30°C (specifically, avoid leaving the tape in a hot car). A long exposure to UV light will cause the start of the degradation process of the film and may affect its functioning. It’s frost sensitive. Once applied, the tape will be weather resistant, in the event of rain and wind. However, it is recommended to avoid applying Graft-Film in the rain since water on its surface may compromise the initial adhesion of the tape. It is also noted that temperatures below +15° may reduce the elasticity of the tape. Do not remove Graft-Film from its original packaging before the usage since it is necessary for protecting it from UV rays.


Our technical consult, verbally, written or via tests and experiments, takes place on the basis of our best knowledge; however, it must be considered as an information with no binding value, and it does not exempt the Customer to carry out their own checks of our products, to estimate their suitability for the procedures or intended purposes. The application, employment and transformation of the products take place beyond our control possibilities, so the exclusive responsibility lies with the Customers, who always needs to consider all the factors regarding Their own company (nature of the soil, weather conditions, cultivation method, plant variety, durability of the species, etc.).

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