Products for nurseries

We anticipate the needs of nurseries by providing highly innovative and high-performance products. When it comes to quality, our company does not make any compromises: the raw materials we use in our production go through a rigorous selection process; constant research based on quality and strong know-how, obtained with on field experience and lab development, make us a meticulous partner for our customers.

We have always focused on researching and developing new products and technologies in collaboration with industry professionals and innovation has always been at the core of our business.

Are you looking for a company which manufactures products for nurseries and is also a wholesale supplier? Are you looking for a place where to buy wax for the market preparation of rose bushes? Do you need heat-reflecting paint for your greenhouse?

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Our principles

Experience, competence, determination. These are the principles underlying the group’s industrial project.

Experience: as a rule of life to follow and apply when running a company.

Competence: of each team member, in each department.

Determination: in looking for the right motivation to reach goals.


Our guidelines

A company’s success is determined by the quality of its employees. For the future of our company we are focusing on developing individual professional skills, on forming an informal and dynamic team, on building an open and flexible workplace, characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit that can face a rapidly evolving market that keeps getting stronger.

A result-oriented, quality-oriented and interoperability-oriented approach is our guiding principle for the way we think and work, for the present and for the future.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction.

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