Grafting wax

Our company is dynamic and quick to respond to the needs of the market and its operators. We offer several solutions, which can also be tailor-made, as part of a full-service strategy.

We invest in education and we promote talent, independent thinking and responsible behaviour. Furthermore, we use many resources to develop innovative ideas.  

We wish to build strong relationships on all levels, both inside and outside the company. A partnership that aims to be beneficial for all parties must be based on loyalty, respect, tolerance and trust.

Are you looking for a company that sells wax for pruning? Are you looking to buy sealing wax to treat the pruning wounds of your plants? Would you like to know the prices of our protective wax for grafted roses?

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Our values

Our people have a set of strong values, they are brilliant, creative and dynamic, they are driven by universal values, such as enthusiasm for everything that concerns customers, partners and technologies, respect for others and a full willingness to embrace new challenges every day.

Objectivity, critical thinking and the willingness to constantly pursue improvement, while being fully responsible in terms of effort, results and quality towards customers, partners and employees: these are the fundamental values supporting our mission to be a leading manufacturer of products for vine and fruit tree nurseries.


Customers are important to us

If you choose our company, you will have a competent and reliable partner that puts each customer at the centre and treats them as if they were the most important ones each time.

It is by focusing all our attention on you and adapting our company’s operations to your needs and not the other way around that we value you and any other customer.

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