Agrichem by Barozzi

My name is Cecilia Barozzi and I have been at the helm of the Agrichem Division of Barozzi Vernici, founded in 1904, for 25 years.

With passion and dedication, I continued my grandfather’s business, Comm. Mario Barozzi, who in 1962 produced our first grafting mastic for fruit farming known as “Arborplast“, which quickly became a leading product on the market and is still sold both in Italy and abroad.

Together with my father, Vittorio Barozzi, we have gradually expanded our range of professional grafting products for grapevines and fruit farming, creating the line “Agrichem by Barozzi” which flanks the traditional range of products of the paint factory.

Over the years I have gained my experience in the world of nurseries working alongside expert nursery keepers, personally following our Research and Development department, and testing the products in the field, after developing them in the Laboratory.

Trips abroad and participation in trade fairs have expanded the Company’s contacts with the new scenarios and developed a number of sales and distribution channels of our products, very much appreciated in the professional sphere at a worldwide level.


Professionalism and technical competence

Agrichem is able to meet customers’ needs through its professionalism and technical competence. Thanks to a wide range of high-quality products, customers can find all they need to carry out their work and can choose from various types of grafting wax and paraffin wax.

If you are looking for a manufacturer of paraffin wax for rooted vine cuttings or a supplier of grafting products in general, all you need to do is get in touch with our company. Agrichem manufactures grafting wax, sealing wax for pruning plants, paraffin wax for rooted vine cuttings, tapes for bench grafting, products for greenhouses and the market preparation of rose bushes, paraffin wax melters, grafting machines, accessories, spare parts, etc.

Contact us to discover all our products and request a free quotation. Our headquarters is in Borgo Mantovano (MN).