Experimental nurseries

Our passion for vine growing has forced us to leave our labs and test paraffin wax, grafting wax and equipment on the field to provide our customers with the best quality under different soil and climate conditions and a good technical knowledge on how to use our products.

To meet this need, we decided to be the first “consumers” of our products and to open, in collaboration with a few customers, experimental nurseries in different areas.

Are you looking for a company that manufactures grafting wax for fruit trees? Are you looking to buy paraffin wax to graft rooted vine cuttings?

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Technological evolution

In a scenario of strong global competition, researching, innovating and developing new products is truly a crucial element to ensure a company’s success in the long term.

Products have shorter and shorter life cycles and companies keep having to deal with new technologies and with the need to constantly cut the costs and improve the performance of their products. That is why it is essential to strengthen the product innovation and development process of the company with a market-oriented approach and better efficiency.


We look to the future

Keeping up with the times and dealing with ever-changing contexts is the spirit that drives our research and development division: a department that is constantly engaging in project activities both at the national level and at the European level, with the aim of monitoring the evolution of the competitive environment and the current trends in innovation and looking for the best procedures to adopt when designing new solutions for the market.

In order to maintain our competitive advantage, face changes and respond promptly to product customization requests, we put innovation at the heart of our corporate strategy.

We look to the future. We did it yesterday and we continue to do it today.

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