Vine Growing


Premium waxes for premium nurseries

Obtaining a rooted vine cutting for a quality vineyard is the result of a proper combination of factors related to both technology and production. A method based on the experience and the awareness of nursery workers who can do the right thing at the right moment and with the right tools. Thanks to decades of experience and the use of different kinds of waxes and equipment, Agrichem has been able to achieve significant quality improvements and significant cost reductions in the production of rooted vine cuttings, thus improving nursery techniques. The awareness and the experience of nurserymen allow the waxes to be used in and to adapt to different climates.

The production of our waxes meets the requirements according to ISO-9001 certification.


This is carried out by immersion after omega grafting has been carried out and before forcing it in a hot, humid environment, over the entire grafting area.

During this phase red PLASTIGREFFE 6535 “OF” in pellets is used to keep hydratation and to support the grafting point.

Plastigreffe 6535 “OF”

Red pellets
Special wax for the protection of the grafting point. It preserves hydratation of the rooted vine cuttings; it does not crack thanks to its flexibility.
25 Kg package.

Plastifina 6535

Red slabs
Special wax suitable for the first application on grafted rooted vine cuttings.
24 Kg package.

Plastifina 6322

White pellets
Neutral wax, for cutting, medium melting point, compatible with Plastigreffe and Plastifina.
25 Kg package.



After the formation and maturation of the callus, wax must be distributed on the entire part that remains above ground in the nursery, in order to keep the delicate cells of the callus and epigeal tissues well hydrated. For this purpose PLASTIFINA 7321 TOP BLU in pellets or slabs, or PLASTIFINA 7535  green in pellets and PLASTIFINA 7075 brown in slabs or NUOVA PARAFIN “Croazia” yellow in slabs , pure or mixed together, are used. The awareness and the experience of nurserymen allow the waxes to be used in and to adapt to different climates.  The nursery keeper’s know-how and experience allows him/her the use and adaptation of various waxes in different climatic areas.

Plastifina 7321 Top Blu

Blue pellets and slabs
Special elastic wax with a high melting point for the protection of grafted rooted vine cuttings before planting. It creates an elastic, even and heat-resistant film.
25 Kg and 24 Kg package.

Plastifina 7075

Brown slabs
Hard wax with a high melting point and moderate elasticity.
22,5 Kg package.


Plastifina 7535

Green pellets
Plastic wax with a high melting point.
25 Kg package.

Nuova Parafin “Croazia”

Yellow slabs
Wax with high melting point and moderate elasticity. We recommend mixing it with green pellets of Plastifina 7535 or green Plastifina 7225 Mediterranea to obtain a paraffin film that is more elastic and therefore less prone to cracks.
22,5 Kg package.


The production of rooted vine cuttings ends with the third waxing whose purpose is to preserve the hydration of the plant until the moment of planting in the vineyard. At this point we are in the middle of Winter, a season not suitable for the plant, so the plants must be properly stored in special cold rooms. This is done using PLASTIFINA 7225 Mediterranea, green in pellets or slabls or PLASTIFINA 3535, red in slabs.

Plastifina 7225 Mediterranea

Green pellets and slabs
Mix of paraffinic compounds which provides good protection of rooted vine cuttings at low temperature during cold-storage and to warm ones during planting period.
It creates an elastic, even and resistant film.
25 kg and 24 kg package.

Plastifina 3535

Red slabs
Specific wax for the cold-storage and selling of grafted rooted vine cuttings. It does not stick and it has a good resistance both to low temperatures (cold-storage) and to warm ones during planting period.
24 Kg package.