Grafting products

Agrichem by Barozzi is a division of Barozzi Vernici, highly specialised in items for nursery keepersand leader in the market for grafting products, both for vine and fruit nurseries. It offers a wide range of mastics, tapes, paraffins, grafting machines, paraffin dispensers and accessories.


Thanks to its own R&D department, Agrichem is specializes in creating and manufacturing products and solutions for vine and fruit trees grafting. Being competitive, being innovative and creating value are our main goals.


Paying attention to Customers’ and partners’ needs, to excel in the creation of professional products. Anticipating nurseries’ needs by providing them with highly innovative and performing products.


Leadership: we invest in education, and we promote talent, independent thinking, and responsible behaviour. Collaboration: we wish to build strong relationships on all levels, both inside and outside the company, relationships based on loyalty, respect, tolerance and trust.

Years of experience

Satisfied customers


high quality standards



Waxes for rooted vine cuttings

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Thanks to decades of experience and the use of different kinds of waxes and equipment, our Company has been able to achieve significant quality improvements and significant cost reductions in the production of rooted vine cuttings, thus improving nursery techniques.
The purpose of our work is to find products and services that will contribute to our Customers and Partners’ success. The production of our waxes meets the requirements according to ISO-9001 certification.



Grafting and pruning mastics and tapes for fruit and ornamental plants

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If you are looking for a manufacturer of sealing wax for fruit plants and trees,
Agrichem’s products are the right choice. You can use them on many different fruit trees and ornamental plants, shrubs, citrus and olive trees to protect pruning wounds,
accidental wounds and wounds caused by weather. Our company also provides high quality grafting products for fruit trees and ornamental plants.



Special paints for the protection of greenhouse crops

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Our products for greenhouses are used to protect any kind of crop (small fruits, vegetables, melons, watermelons, flowers, etc.)
from solar radiation and infrared rays, both in glass greenhouses and plastic tunnels, in spring and summer. They can be used on all kinds of coverings; they are degradable and have a low environmental impact.



Protective waxes

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Agrichem sells professional protective wax and paraffin wax for the market preparation of rose bushes. Using paraffin wax in this field allows to preserve the hydration of bushes that were pruned and prepared with peat when they are stored and/or distributed. The characteristics of our products fully meet the requirements of nurseries and the market preparation of rose bushes.



At the service of nurserymen

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Agrichem provides nursery workers with a full service by offering paraffin wax melters, grafting machines, complementary products, accessories and spare parts. We supply state of the art paraffin wax melters with tanks of different capacities along with pedal and manual grafting machines, nursery trimmers and customized supports. We also have a wide range of accessories and spare parts for our equipment.



We test all our products in the field

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Our passion for growing plants has forced us to leave our labs and test paraffin wax, grafting wax and equipment on the field, to provide our customers with the best quality under different soil and climate conditions and a good technical knowledge on how to use our products. To address this need we decided, in collaboration with a few customers, to open experimental nurseries in different areas.


Our resources are endowed with great values, they are brilliant, creative, and dynamic, animated by fundamental values, such as enthusiasm for everything concerning customers, partners and technologies, respect for others and the full willingness to face new challenges every day. Objectivity, critical spirit, and the desire for constant improvement with full responsibility in terms of commitment, results and quality towards customers, partners, and employees: these are the fundamental values supporting our mission to excel in the creation of products for vine and fruit nurseries.

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