Accessories and spare parts for professional grafting machines

Agrichem deals with accessories and spare parts for professional grafting machines, such as blades, knives for omega cut, counters, springs, etc.

Contact us and you will find the best selection of accessories and spare parts for professional grafting machines and many other items.

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Kit Hammer “Omega”

The kit consists of 2 knives + 2 nylon cutting bases.


Wahler Type Knives

For OMEGA STAR, made of special steel.

Original Stroke Counter

For HAMMER, with holes and attachments.


Springs For Grafter Hammer Omega

Innexta knives

The kit consists of 2 knives for “V” cut grafting.


Counter-blades for Innexta

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For years Agrichem has been synonymous with efficiency and availability and provides a full service to a demanding professional clientele that knows they can rely on the expertise and organization of a company that can respond to any request.

The accessories and spare parts department offers a complete range of solutions to increase productivity. With us you can take advantage of the highest quality of specially designed components and of a quick and attentive service, thanks to experienced staff who know your grafting machine.

Contact us to request spare parts. We have been selling spare parts for grafting machines for years and every day, with our reliability, courtesy and precision, we try and meet our customers’ every need. We guarantee high quality standards and an after-sales service for you to feel completely satisfied.