Professional, bench grafting machine

Grafting machines are the machines that cut and compose the now classic omega cut graft, which takes its name from the shape of the Greek letter. These machines guarantee perfect welding of the coupling.

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Hammer “ Omega”

Bench grafting machine, Omega cut, pedal operating. Equipped with stroke counter and spare parts knives and cutting bases kit. Special-purpose steel.
Available spare parts: knives, pads, springs, resistances, etc.


Hammer “ Omega Combi”

Bench grafting machine, Omega cut, pedal operating. Equipped with stroke counter and spare parts knives and cutting bases kit. Installed on a specific bench.
Available spare parts: knives, pads, springs, etc..

PlattHammer “Omega”

Specific galvanized table with ferrule rootstocks to adjust length, complete with scions compartment and pre- drilled support for HAMMER “Omega”grafter.


Omega graft

The omega graft is particularly suitable for grafting the vine, since it is a plant rich in sap: with the help of a grafting machine, a precise incision is made in the shape of an eyelet (Ω), which must never separate the two parts; once the two cuts have been made to match, the grafting is carried out with special products.


Hammer 4

Manual grafting machine for “Omega cut grafting”, “notch-grafting”, “chipbudding ” and “english double notch grafting”.


Pneumatic, grafting machine with “V” cut
It is equipped with pneumatic pedal, with a rilsan-sized tube and a quick coupling for compressed air. Complete with 1 pair of spare knives.

Original spare parts always in stock. Stroke Counter available on request.

InneXta Combi

Pneumatic grafting machine with “V” cut installed on a specific bench

Original spare parts always in stock. Stroke Counter available on request.

Manual InneXta

Manual, professional grafting machine with “V” cut (rootstocks size up to 10 mm)
It is sturdy easy to handle and its is also suitable for an extended use.



Cleft grafting is one of the most popular cultivation methods for propagating fruit trees. It is particularly recommended for pome fruit varieties. It is performed when the size of the scion and the rootstock are the same. The wedge-cut scion fits into the cut made on the rootstock.

Grafting and waxing

Grafting is a necessary evil to allow the vine to have a radical apparatus and an aerial one with distinct characteristics and modalities. The success of the graft is conditioned by several factors (affinity, physiological analogy, respect for polarity). In particular, by the perfect overlapping of the generating areas: change and phytoogenic, of both portions. Callus formation is generated by hormonal stimuli induced by the gem.

Under the influence of cytokinins, dating from the basal area of the rootstock cuttings, callus differs in a new cambium, whereby scion and subject, by joining the respective meristematic zones, produce a new bast and wood, to achieve the weld.

It is common practice to choose between a multiple or an omega graft. The choice is not so completely random as it is demonstrated that the development of callus is conditioned, the balance between the aerial and radical apparatus and the age of lignification of the shoot. Histological studies showed the best function of the omega graft for the prevalence of secondary structure tissues with vascular connection (differentiated living tissues).

Preferring omega graft is a leap in technology and organization for the nurseryman. The utmost attention must be paid to the functionality of the gem because granting the best protection helps the development of the primary sprout and ensures a better recovery after plantation in the nursery. With the waxing the nurseryman achieves these goals both when it comes to:

  • Production of grafted vines
  • Production of grafted vines in pot
  • Transfer time in the vegetative efficiency and agronomic features of cuttings

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