Market preparation of rose bushes

Agrichem sells professional protective wax and paraffin wax for the market preparation of rose bushes. Using paraffin wax in this field allows to preserve the hydration of bushes that were pruned and prepared with peat when they are stored and/or distributed. The characteristics of our products fully meet the requirements of nurseries and the market preparation of rose bushes.

Plastifina 5470

Green slabs

Special extra-plastic paraffin for the packaging of rose bushes.

29 Kg package.


Plastifina 7535

Green pellets

Plastic paraffin with a high fusion point.

25 Kg package.

Plastifina 6535

Red in slabs without additives

Special paraffin for the protection of the grafting point.

24 Kg package.



Who does not want a full rose bush, with healthy and robust flowers?

It is important, then, that the plant is properly stored when it goes from the nursery to the ground.

Agrichem’s special waxes guarantee hydration during storage and distribution.

When to graft a rose

Knowing the correct age of grafting is very important for having healthy and lush roses. As far as these plants are concerned, the age of grafting can be complicated to identify. The difficulty arises from the fact that the roses are grafted above all with a technique called “chipbudding” or “T graft”. With this technique, the time of grafting and removing the parts to be grafted does not coincide. It is precisely this discrepancy that can generate problems in choosing the correct graft age.


How to graft

Before grafting, choose a rootstock, which would be the plant on which to insert the part taken from the other. Generally, rootstocks for roses are wild plants. The part to be grafted or inserted in the rootstock is a bud, which is taken from a healthy rose and appropriately identified by the grower. The gem is inserted in a specific point of the stem where a T-shaped cut has been made. To facilitate rooting, the graft must be tied and glued with raffia and mastic or special elastic bands.

If you are looking for a supplier of protective waxes for wrapping roses, don’t hesitate to contact us!