Grafting and pruning materials for fruit and ornamentals trees

Care must be taken when choosing grafting products. On the market there are adhesive tapes, synthetic fiber tapes, hollow rubber threads and natural raffia, which hold the grafted parts together well but allow air and humidity to pass through. For this reason, it is necessary to buy material produced exclusively by experts in the field.

Agrichem, with decades of experience in the field, can ensure high quality products for grafting and pruning of ornamental plants and fruit trees, such as apple or cherry.

If you are looking for a company that deals with the supply of products for nurseries, such as tape, graft wax, paraffin, etc. do not hesitate to contact us to receive a free estimate including detailed prices.

Triangle graft

Pike beak graft

Chipbudding graft

English Double Split graft

Approximation graft


Products for hot grafting

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Our products ensure resistance to both low and high environmental temperatures without the danger of sagging and/or cracking, due to their elasticity and adherence characteristics; in addition to offering great peace of mind in use and truly amazing rooting results, they guarantee the traditional and acknowledged consistency of quality due to their very high production standards.


Ready-to-use grafting wax

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Ready-to-use grafting wax are suitable for protecting the tissues of trees and shrubs from wounds caused by pruning or damages due to weather conditions, and for grafting, avoiding dehydration of the scion and rootstock. The application of grafting wax on all debarked points allows to preserve the vitality and structural stability of the plants over time. It also acts as an effective barrier against bacterial infection.


Tapes for winter and summer grafting

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Our grafting tapes are suitable for all types of grafting and ensure that a professional result is achieved. They are indispensable for protecting the graft from exposure to light, air, and water. They are innovative tapes developed with unique formulations and features to allow easy and quick application, to reduce labor costs and increase the success rate of the crop.

Why is grafting wax applied?

Skilled and experienced gardeners know that trees should be pruned twice a year: in autumn, so that they can get through the winter easily, and in spring, before they enter the vegetation phase.

Grafting wax helps pruning wounds to heal and protects the damaged part from drying out, insects, bacteria and fungal spores.

It also helps trees withstand the effects of sunburn and frostbite.

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