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Products for “hot” grafting

For triangular notch, crown and splice grafting

Our products are resistant to both low and high temperatures and because of their elasticity and adherence they do not drip or crack; in addition to being easy to use and producing surprising rooting results, they constantly maintain their renowned quality thanks to a very high production standard.


Bark colour
Special grafting wax to be used at room temperature for plants grafting (fruit plants, citrus fruit plants, ornamental plants). It creates an elastic, breathable and moisture-repellent film. It protects the plant’s wounds and ensures rooting and healing. Binding is recommended.
5 kg, 1 kg, 0.5 kg and 0.25 kg package.



Extra plastic paraffin to melt together with Arborplast to increase its elasticity at low temperatures. It comes in green plates in 29 kg packs..


Green pellets
Plastic wax with high melting point for the protection of the grafting point of fruit and ornamental plants both for bench and field grafts.
25 kg package.


Crown graft

Crown grafting is a technique applied to fruit trees and leads to the achievement of many advantages. For example, it helps the plant to adapt to soil and climate, it prevents some diseases, it facilitates the renewal of orchard varieties. This is a very widespread operation when it is necessary to revitalize and expand the productivity of fruit plants such as plum, apricot, almond and cherry.

The crown graft works on almost all fruit plants; the most suitable time to do it is the one that just precedes the arrival of the flowers. In this period the plant peels well.

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